There is a new trend for businesses to use promotional and demonstrational DVDs to both promote themselves and within their company to train employees. Examples of this include many universities now offering an informational DVD in the place of a traditional prospectus. This obviously is a great marketing technique, as it will probably be more informative than a traditional prospectus but also appears more high tech and modern, giving a good impression of the university to the prospective student.

At Disc Factory, we offer a wide range of different DVD replication services that are sure to give you everything you require to successfully market your business through DVD or CD duplication. Our incredibly quality DVDs and are available with a range of packaging options, ensuring that you get the looks you want for your product. Our DVD duplication service is by far the best way for you to get a large amount of DVD’s quickly and most importantly cost effectively.

During your next advertising campaign, in place of printing, expensive, outdated glossy pamphlets and brochures, try a promotional DVD instead. As well as all the benefits in the actual product that is produced, it is also cheaper per unit to produce a DVD than a traditional brochure. The high quality video footage that you will be able to include will be far more impressive to potential customers than a simple still photograph in a brochure. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this, or any other of our services.