When it comes to making your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray Packaging really stand out it is the finishing touch that can make all the difference. Of course no end of specialist finishing options can substitute great artwork design but combine the two and you can create something that is truely spectacular. Depending on what effect you are after Disc Factory offer numerous different print finishing techniques or processes to make your packaging or disc stand out from the crowd.

Only certain finishing options can be selected for certain types of replication packaging.

  • Matt Lamination

    Perhaps the most popular finishing option available. Matt Lamination is a process in which a thin transparent plastic film is applied to the surface of card packaging. This gives the packaging even more rigidity, making it not only highly durable but making the treated surfaces water resistant too. Matt Lamination also has the added benefit of giving the finished surface a soft “satin” finish that is really smooth to the touch.

  • Gloss Lamination

    Similar in technique to Matt Lamination but with a different finish, Gloss lamination gives our printed card packaging a shiny covering by applying a thin transparent plastic film to the surface of card. This gives the packaging even more rigidity, making it not only highly durable but making the treated surfaces water resistant too.

  • Gloss UV

    All our printed packaging come with a protective gloss or matt varnish as standard but opting to add a High Gloss UV coating gives the packaging an ultra shiny finish.

  • Spot UV on Disc

    Spot UV still uses a High Gloss UV varnish to overprint a screen printed CD or DVD to give the packaging a ultra shiny finish but instead of having the entire disc coated you can specify to have only specific areas coated which can create some amazing eye-catching effects.

  • Recycled Packaging

    Concerned about the environment? Well we are here to help. Now you can promote your company as ecologically responsible as we offer you packaging that is made from recycled and recyclable materials. Not only is this a ‘green’ solution but using recycled card stock can add a really nice ‘rough’ effect to your packaging.

  • Reverse Board Print

    Reverse board printing provides a lovely natural matt finish as it is printing to the uncoated side of the card. Being uncoated it does have a higher ink absorption rate than coated card but we take that into consideration when we setup our print press for these jobs to ensure great results.

  • Inner Spine Printing

    Normally Custom Card Packaging is only printed on one side of the card and then folded and glued leaving white space down the internal spines. However we are able to run a 4/4 print (full colour double sided print). By printing to both sides of the card, the internal spines of card packaging such as Digipaks and Digifiles can get used effectively. This is great for when customers want a panoramic image to span across the entire width of the inside panels without having the raw white card visible between each inside panel or pocket.

  • Metallic Disc Printing

    Metallic Inks allows for an amazing metallic shine. This finish is accomplished by actually putting metallic particles in the ink so they reflect light in a way that is not possible with regular inks. Metallic printing is a great way to enhance the final print of your screen printed discs  – and you are not just limited to silver and gold – simply choose an ink from the Pantone Metallic Library.

  • Additional Pantone

    Why not add an Additional Pantone or 6C – Sixth Colour to your discs. It refers to having another sixth ink color (Normally a spot color or pantone metallic ink) over the normal 5 colour process of CMYK and white base.

  • Serialization

    Serialization involves putting a unique serial number or code on your product. Great for Limited Edition Runs or Serial Codes for Software installations.

  • Barcode

    Not really a print  finishing option as all the other techniques above but certainly a finishing touch – Disc Factory Ltd is a registered member with GS1 UK, allowing us to assign you a unique barcode for your artwork that complies with GS1 UK standards. Barcodes are provided as a vector/scalable file for inclusion in your artwork.

  • Cello-wrapping

    Cello-wrapping give your product a highly professional finish and lets your customers know they are getting a brand new product. On certain products that have thin spines cello-wrapping is simply not possible, in these instances we use a similar method to “shrink-wrap” instead to give a similar finish.

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