Cost effective for volumes of 1000+ units


Pressed Glass Mastered CDs


Litho or Screen printed CDs

CD Replication

Disc Factory offer some of the UK’s cheapest CD Replication services for orders of 1000+ units.  At these volumes CD Replication is a more cost effective method of production compared to CD Duplication which is best suited to smaller orders.

The CD Replication manufacturing process involves taking your audio CD content and creating a glass master. This master is then used to create a metal stamper which presses your data into the injection molded poly carbonate surface of the disc. The disc is then sputtered with liquid aluminium to form a thin reflective layer that allows the laser to read the data on the CD.

After we have replicated the disc we then either silk screen print or litho print (offset print) directly onto the face of the disc.

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CD Replication – Packaging Options

Disc Factory has numerous CD packaging solutions for Replication orders. The most cost effective being PVC wallets and custom printed card wallets with the most popular solution being our CD DigiPaks

CD Replication Summary

  • Cost effective for 1000+ units

    Due to the setup involved in the CD replication process it is best suited to larger volumes where it becomes the most cost effective method of manufacture.

  • 10-12 day production time

    Most CD packaging options take around 10-12 working days to process.
    TIP: If you need your discs urgently look at our faster duplication range.

  • Lithographic or Screen print

    We will print your CDs using either screen printing (best for block colours & pantones) or lithographic (offset) printing which is best suited for photographic images and designs with gradients.

  • Glass Mastered - pressed discs

    Your CDs will be professionally pressed for a retail ready finish.

  • Extensive choice of packaging solutions

    Select from a huge range of CD packaging options.

  • litho printed paper parts

    Professionally printed CD booklets and paper parts to accompany your discs.

  • Most competitive UK prices

    Disc Factory offers some of the cheapest CD replication prices in the UK whilst maintaining only the very best quality product.

  • Helpful in-house technical team

    With over 20 years of experience our team can assist and advise you in all areas of the CD manufacturing process from artwork design to mastering.

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Quick Guide

Whats the difference between CD duplication and CD Replication? This quick guide will explain and help you decide if you need replication or duplication.