How to Proceed

Step by Step Online Process...

Using our instant online quote generator makes placing a CD or DVD Duplication order easier than ever. Just by following the simply steps below you can have your project underway in a matter of minutes.

Each of the steps below are included in your quote email to make life easy.

  • Get an Online Quote

    Clicking on the New Quote button above will allow you to pick your all of your disc and packaging options to decide which option best suits your requirements and budget. Once you have finished your quote you will be asked to provide your email address. We then send you your quote along with a unique Quote ID.

  • Download Artwork Templates

    To make life even easier for you your quote email will contain a unique link that will direct you to a page containing only the templates you require for your specific order. When preparing your artwork please ensure you follow our Artwork Guidelines.

  • Upload Your Artwork

    Once you have downloaded the templates and prepared your artwork you can click the link in your email which will direct you to a dedicated uploads page. From here you can upload all of your artwork files which will automatically be uploaded to a secure location on our server in a unique folder specific to your job.

  • Complete Checkout

    Click on the link from your email and complete the billing and delivery details form. The system will then link you through to our checkout page where you can pay for your order online.

  • Online Approvals

    Before we begin the manufacture process we will email you an online proof of your artwork for sign-off. As soon as we receive sign-off from you we will being producing your order. Turnaround time is primarily based on the type of packaging selected and an estimated turnaround time will be indicated in your quote email.

  • Upload or Post Your Master

    To upload: Please read our uploading masters process for details on what formats we can accept. When uploading files we recommend using the customised WeTransfer link in your quote email.

    To post: If posting your master please ensure you write your quote reference number on the master disc and package securely.