A core percentage of our market is musicians or bands promoting or selling their music. If you fill this criteria, I recommend you consider a few extra things before moving forward with your cd duplication.

Firstly, many people play cd’s through their pc and/or car stereo. Both of these players are potentially capable of reading cd text from duplicated CDs, allowing artist and track names to appear within the player. Not only does Disc Factory recommend including this information when possible but you may even consider adding ISRC codes during the recording process and then registering your cd with the gracenote as well. This allows users to grab relevant track information from the cd database, for players such as itunes or media player without the need to manually type in track titles and names manually.  Not only do these give a more professional finishing touch, but they allow the end user to retain the track info if ripping the cd to import the songs onto their ipod or mp3 player. Should you wish to add ISRC codes but have already had the CD mastered at a recording studio then disc factory can remaster your CD with this embedded data for you for a small surcharge.

Mastering your tracks is obviously is a very important part of producing the highest quality audio. Understandably, the budget does not always allow for such luxuries, but there is plenty of free software online that helps you master your own tracks.

Also, be aware – mp3’s are a compressed format, this means there is a loss in quality compared to the wav files we would recommend you send us for duplication.