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The number of ways that a new band or musician can promote their music is constantly growing, helping their music reach wider and wider audiences. The self publications can be the turning point of how well an up and coming artist does, if they are successful with this and gain a good fan base then they are more likely to get the attention of record companies.

Social networking has been an important part of self promotion for bands and artists for a decade now, with it originally starting with MySpace, which was incredibly band friendly to the new king of the social networking scene, which although not ideal for bands and artists, still provides a great starting point upon which they can build.

Of course there is the traditional route, which is still incredibly popular. That is playing live music at pubs and clubs. This has since become intertwined with social networking, with many bands using Facebook as their means of getting their gigs noticed. However, once a band has impressed its audience at a live show, or the Facebook user has stumbled upon their page, how do they plan to keep their interest? This is where CD duplication comes in. With CD duplication, a band can offer a cheap and easy way for their new found fans to get a solid copy of their music, without having to constantly go to live gigs or watch videos of past gigs to hear their new favourite songs. If a new fan is given a CD as a gift by the band as a token of appreciation, they are sure to spread the word of the new band, and hopefully help you realise your dream of making it big in the music industry.