CD Replication

Disc Factory offer our CD Replication service for orders of 500+ units.  At these volumes CD Replication a more cost effective method of production compared to CD Duplication which is best suited to orders of less than 500 units.

The CD Replication process involves taking you data which can be anything from CD Audio to an Interactive CD-ROM and creating a glass master. This master is then used to create a metal stamper which presses your data into the injection moulded poly carbonate surface of the disc. The disc is then sputtered with liquid aluminium to form a thin reflective layer that allows the laser to read the data on the CD.

After we have replicated the disc we then silk screen print or litho print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from one to six colours either using CMYK process or spot colour Pantone.

Your CD replication project can start today…Disc Factory make the whole process simple:

Choose you CD product:

Disc Factory offer a number of Replicated CD products including standard 12cm CD, 8cm CD and CD Business Cards see our Products page for more information.

Choose your packaging:

Disc Factory has a huge selection of custom made packaging products. Have a look at our packaging section or visit our recent projects to see what solution suits you.

Send us your content and artwork:

Artwork files can be downloaded from our templates page. Don’t worry if you need help, Disc Factory have an in-house graphic design and authoring team to help you create your perfect project.

Sit back and relax:

Disc Factory will then take care of the whole process…

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For orders of less than 500 units, see our CD Duplication page.

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