CD Jewel Cases

The jewel case was the first industry standard case for the audio CD. It’s constructed from 3 plastic parts and has a printed tray card and cover-card or booklet.

CD Maxi Case with J-Card

The paper parts can be litho printed or screen printed front and back and the standard jewel case can accommodate a 32 page CD Booklet.

Disc factory offer the Jewel case a number of different formats including Slim-line, Multidisc, and  Maxi single case with J-card insert used for CD audio singles.

CD Jewel Case with 12 Page Booklet

Super Jewel Box

Super Jewel Box offers many improvements over the standard jewel case, such as a new hub for one or two discs, rounded corners, stronger hinges, a new locking clasp, visibility to graphics on all four spines, and much greater durability.

Super Jewel Boxes

Super Jewel Box is available in 3 main sizes:

  • SJB STANDARD-size for Audio CD and CD-ROM projects
  • SJB PLUS-size for software CD/DVD-ROM projects
  • SJB KING-size for DVD Video projects