Disc Factory News

In this blog we have previously discussed marketing options that are made available to your business by our CD and DVD duplication and replication services. The process of getting copies of your disc made is relatively simple, and for many businesses, the difficult part is the creation of the original master of the product.

We offer a digital media production service, which makes it much easier for you to create a high quality master to be used in your DVD duplication. With this service the only thing that is left down to you to do is to film your promotional video or training video and send it to us to be made ready for distribution to your customers or employees.

As we have previously discussed in our blogs, a promotional DVD campaign will really aid your business in establishing itself in the minds of your customers as the firm that they want to choose to work with. Thanks to our DVD duplication, we allow you to cost effectively distribute a large number of discs to current and prospective customers alike, widening the range of potential customers for your business. The other main benefit of a DVD promotional campaign is that it gives your business a unique selling point in the eyes of your customer, with the promotional DVD distancing you from your competition.

With a high quality DVD that our digital media production service has helped create, your business will be able to reach out to your customers in a new way, breaking the mould of the same old promotional leaflets that customers receive all the time from other firms.