Disc Factory News

We think it is incredibly important how you present your optical media, having a professional looking CD goes a long way to achieving you goals, especially compared to the often scrappy looking CD’s that some companies make.

The easiest way that you can make your CD look professional is to get them labelled nicely, with the correct artwork and title clearly visible. With the amount of advanced technology that we have available to us, we are able to print your CD with clean, crisp looking labels. We use a process called thermal transfer printing, which makes you end up with a durable, waterproof and most importantly beautiful looking label. It has several large advantages over the cheaper inkjet lacquer labelling method. Images produced via this method are both of a lower resolution than those created by thermal transfer printing, as well as being much less durable. These are the reasons why we chose to invest in a thermal transfer printer.

Although often deemed overly expensive by many people, we believe that there is an untold value in thermal transfer printers. We think that the way a CD looks is much more important than people would think and can often make the difference, be it for an up and coming band trying to get signed, or a business trying to market itself using CD duplication.

The most important thing in our eyes is producing a CD that will fit your needs the best and we believe that the only way to do this is through thermal transfer printing to allow for a professional looking disc.