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One of the most common questions that we receive from prospective customers is, what is the difference between DVD duplication and DVD replication is? This is obviously an important thing for our customers to understand as choosing the correct one is important for you to best utilize our services.

Replication is the more expensive of the two, and therefore gives the best and most professional results; it is performed by creating a mould of the original master and then using this mould to create exact copies of the original. The original master is used to create a glass master, which we then use to create a set of stampers. Injection moulding then allows us to make exact clones of the master by using the stampers. Then a coat of reflective aluminium is added and then sealed by a protective coat of lacquer. The lacquer is then hardened under an ultraviolet light. Once a disk has been created in this manner, the data on it cannot be altered.

Duplication is the more popular of our two services; it is the burning of the data on the original master copy to a blank disc. The two main reasons why it is chosen over DVD replication is that it is quicker and the second is down to the volume of DVD’s that you want, this is because replication usually requires at least 1000 units to be effective.

It is also important to remember that with our high-tech ink-jet printed finishing for our duplicated CD’s and DVD’s that often they are very close in quality to a replicated model.

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