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Whether you’re a band trying to launch your first album or a company wanting to distribute marketing or promotional materials, short-run CD Duplication can prove an excellent means of getting your product to market. Short run CD duplication tends refers to low volumes, typically under 500 units (after which CD Replication becomes the more cost effective and viable method of manufacturing CDs).

By using CD-R media and burning data rather than Replicating by use of a glass master, setup costs are avoided keeping short runs cheap. This allows customers to order very low volumes of CDs to test a market before risking ordering larger quantities.

The main problem up until recently has been that short run duplication has been limited in terms of packaging, as any custom printed card packs such as CD card Wallets, CD DigiPaks or CD Digifiles were either litho printed or silk screen printed. This meant that due to the time and expense required to setup such a print run smaller volumes simply were not cost effective to produce. Fortunately Disc Factory has invested heavily in the latest CD printing machines and CD digital printing equipment which allows us to actually produce short run, low volume CDs and CD packaging cheaply by avoiding the high costs associated with screen and litho setup fees. So now you can get that professional look and feel without burning a hole in your pocket.

To make things even easier we have created a fully automatic instant CD duplication quote system so that you can quickly and easily pick your favorite CD packaging, and get a price online straight away.