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Low volume CD DigiPacks, DVD Digipaks and many other Card Packaging available for short-runs.

CD & DVD Duplication Packaging is now also available using 100% Recycled Card stock.

Instant CD DigiPak Duplication Quote.

Low Volume or ‘Short Run’ CD Duplication of DigiPaks is now possible at Disc Factory. Get your instant short-run duplication quote in a matter of seconds.

You can pick from a variety of CD and DVD DigiPaks. The standard 4 Panel CD DigiPak is the standard but if you want your CDs to stand out why not look at our 6 Panel Cd DigiPacks or even a DigiPak with a pocket for an additional CD booklet. Up until now CD DigiPacks have only been available on Replication Quantities of 500 units or more but now with our state of the art digital printer we can offer this popular packaging on short runs.

So check out our new CD DigiPak Duplication quote system, pick your options and you’ll have your quote almost instantly…

And don’t forget to email yourself the quote to guarantee your price for 14 days as well as get a step by step summary of how to proceed.