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With the rise of digital cameras making a traditional photo printing system obsolete, and the high price of professional digital photo printing or the high cost of buying your own photo paper, there is no really good option for distributing your photos among family and friends.

With many people simply keeping their photos uploaded to websites such as Facebook and not sending them to family members anymore, it is becoming less and less common to see a family photo album. With a custom designed CD, you will be able to share your photos with family and friends in a novel and unique way. Especially popular around Christmas time, with families wanting to send out a photo album as part of a Christmas card to their families, a duplicated photo album is the perfect way for you to share your memories with family and friends. With a CD able to hold thousands of photos, and being able to be posted incredibly easily, a CD is the perfect way for you to distribute your photos to friends and family.

We offer a wide range of personalisation services with all of our CD duplication sets. Allowing you to make your digital photo album look exactly how you want. With the high quality laser printing that we add to the fronts of all of our CD’s ensuring that your CD itself looks the part, and the printing that we offer for cases allowing you to package your digital photo album exactly how you want.