Lancing Packs

Lancing Pack Summary

The Lancing Pack is similar to a card wallet with one or more additional panels or flaps. The pack opens like a book and can be used to package additional discs or booklets and can be made from recycled card which makes it a great alternative to the CD Jewel case.

There are 4 panel, 6 panel and 8 panel Lancing pack combinations which can hold 1-4 additional booklets or discs. To access the contents there can be die-cut thumb or moon crescent cut out of the inside panels.

Each pack is made from 250gsm card which can litho printed or screen printed and finished in gloss or matt varnish.  There are also options for matt lamination spot UV and cello wrapping.

Lancing Pack

4 Panel Lancing Pack – Packaging Options

Short Run Duplication (up to 1000 units)

4 Panel Lancing Pack with Thumbcut

4 and 6 Panel Lancing Pack – Packaging Options

Replication (1000+ units)

4 Panel Lancing Pack with Thumbcut

4 Panel Lancing Pack with Mooncut Pocket

6 Panel Lancing Pack with Right Thumbcut Pocket

Recycled 4 Panel Lancing Pack


Low volume short-run packaging


24Hr Express Service


100% recylced eco-friendly packaging

A ‘Green’ Eco-Friendly Digipak

Recent years have seen environmental concerns have become a priority for consumers, businesses and governments alike. As a ecologically responsible manufacture of CD Digipaks, Disc Factory uses only sustainable material for the cardboard stock, but now we also have the advantage of being able to offer a recycled card stock CD Digipak solution too, made from recycled card the pack uses much less plastic, therefore reducing your carbon footprint allowing you to have an exclusive yet eco-friendly product.

You can get 100% recycled card CD DigiPaks from our short-run duplication range using our online quote system…

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