Disc Factory News

With the increased amount of CD piracy that is becoming apparent for many of our customers, it is important to take steps to avoid this. CD piracy is the process of the unauthorised duplication of an existing material onto blank CDs and the consequent resale of these CDs for profit.

With the relative ease of committing copyright infringement for anybody with a computer with an optical drive, the issue is becoming more and more wide spread as time goes on. Something needs to be done about he issue, however because it is almost impossible to prosecute somebody for copyright infringement without actually catching them in the act of selling the pirated CD, the best solution is to make it more difficult to duplicate CDs illegally.

With the internet now being used to share music more than CDs in the first place, piracy has become an even bigger issue and has become far harder to control. With our CD duplication service, we attempt to make it as difficult as possible for your hard work to be simply stolen and illegally redistributed for the profit of somebody else. With anti-piracy technology being improved and updated constantly to try and help prevent the illegal redistribution of your CDs; it is becoming easier for us to protect your duplicated CD’s from illegal distribution.

If you are serious about trying to make money from selling your CD’s then it is of the utmost importance for you to stop people from illegally distributing your work, as they will often do this cheaper than you are able to and thus stop you from being able to make a profit from your CDs.