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In the current economical state we lay, money is definitely an issue and minimal expenditure will be everyone’s and every business’ wish. The film industry is a money consuming place and anyone involved in this will have to be prepared for the large sums of funding required or they will not succeed. Indie film production is a sector of the market which faces the most pressure in terms of monetary support. Usually when producing a film, mainstream directors work with the major recording studios because they offer large amounts of financial support which means they do not have to worry about processes such as promotion, casting etc. However, since most of their production does not take place in a major recording studio, independent film directors normally work on a very limited budget.

This therefore means they have to try and narrow down their spending. Due to their suppressed budget any tool available for a low price is highly valuable and so procedures such as DVD duplication would be handy. Since recording takes place at small scale, large number of copies of the film cannot be made at once. DVD duplication is however a cost effective way of producing a reasonable amount of copies making this method very useful.

DVD duplication is not the only barrier which needs tackling. Distribution and film promotion are yet to come. Like said before, any tool is appreciated and for Indie films any channel of distribution there is will have to be made use of. In order to achieve maximum potential of sales through promotion, films are usually made to target a wider audience so as to appeal to any gender or age. Directors can also show their productions at film festivals or market. Tactics such as these will allow more publicity for the directors’ work and potential investors’ attention has a better chance of being captured.