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Your CD label print design is a very important factor in advertising and selling your CD. Just like all artwork, good presentation will no doubt gain greater attention from potential buyers. If possible, it is good to link the content of the CD or DVD with the overall feel of your artwork, giving the viewer an instant idea of what is on the discs. Often, existing artwork looks fine printed onto a circular disc with a hole in the centre, however not always. You can use these unavoidable restrictions to your advantage, many designs use the negative space of a disc within their design. Others often crop logos of the edges of a disc, knowing the user can immediately fill in the missing parts of the design. However, do not put important information too close to these edges, as there is always a printing safe zone. In this case, it is regarded as 1/8” from the edge of the discs, as small alignment errors could cause anything with in this zone to be missed. This zone is represented by a solid pink zone on our templates. We also have a 3mm bleed which overlaps the edges of our templates. This is recommended to avoid unwanted areas of unprinted white space. It can be as simple as a block colour matching your artwork design, which counteracts any alignment errors during printing. To help create the perfect layout, just download the appropriate templates from step 1 of your online quote and import them into your design and publishing software.

The most important thing is that you use a high resolution image, avoiding the possibility of pixelated or blocky CD artwork. Try to avoid very small text, as it could result in anti-aliasing issues with the final print. Finally use the CMYK four colour model instead of RGB, to ensure the best possible colour matching.

If you’re still not sure if your design will work, simply contact us for further advice. Disc factory has a talented team of in-house designers who can work with your designs and ideas to create a professional and stylish look for your CD duplication project.