Disc Factory News

Disc Factory is proud to announce its new fully automatic instant CD and DVD Duplication quote system!

Customers can now get instant CD prices for all of our available CD Duplication and CD Packaging options in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but our prices are even lower than before so you can now enjoy cheap CD Duplication and a great choice of CD Packaging – including CD DigiPacks, CD Digiles and CD Card Wallets without breaking the bank!

… And there’s no minimum quantity. At Disc Factory low volumes are not a problem, we will manufacture any one of our CD or DVD Duplication Packaging for just 1 disc if that’s all you require.

Simply click on our pink chap with his banner on on the right of this page and have a look for yourself. CD Duplication has never been so easy or cheap. In just a few click you get your quote, templates and even a secure upload link to submit your artwork files, in fact we even give you a link to print out an address label so you don’t have to pick up a pen!

If you want to see new packaging introduced to our CD Duplication range then drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.