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It’s official! Short-run CD Digipak Duplication reigns supreme!

Our CD DigiPaks have become increasing popular with our customers since Disc Factory started offering this CD Packaging as an option not just for replicated CDs of 500+ units but also our low volume of ’short-run’ CD Duplication service that caters for 1-1000 CDs.

Being a direct replacement to the standard CD Jewel Case the CD DigiPack has found its place primarily, but not exclusively in the music CD market with bands and musicians opting to launch their CD albums in this custom printed card case. CD Digfile Packs (which are similar to the Digipak just with a die-cut slit pocket as opposed to a plastic flexitray) are, whilst still popular are not as common in the music industry.

DVD DigiPaks are also on the up with many clients opting to have a DVD sized digipack over the more traditional plastic amaray style DVD case, so you’ll be please to know that after popular demand this has been added to our short-run packaging choices too.

So whether you want a 4 panel DigiPak or upgrade to a 6 panel digipak, Disc Factory is here to help. If you are after just short-run of under 500 units then check out our online CD DigiPak Duplication Quote Page for instant pricing or if you require more than 500 units then check out our online replication quote page where you can choose from a number of finishing options and different digipak layouts and designs.