Disc Factory News

With the way that we all do business constantly moving further and further away from traditional methods of dealing with other companies and your customers. With many of the interactions that used to be conducted face to face now being conducted over the internet via video calling, it is impractical to use traditional paper printed documents.

With the increased importance of computers for every business, a more traditional paper based system for sharing of documentation is outdated and no longer practical. The use of a duplicated CD is a simpler way for you to share your portfolio, prices and any other relevant documents with a potential or existing customer. CD duplication will allow you to produce a large number of identical CD’s for a cheaper price than you would have to pay to create them yourself, as well as saving you money on the cost of sending each of these documents out individually.

Another factor in favour of using a CD to distribute your information is the environmental factor. A CD can be re-used time and time again, when in comparison a piece of paper is only used once, and is then thrown away or at best, recycled. With growing concerns as more and more of the worlds rainforests are being destroyed to allow for paper to be created, contributing to global warming, it is important for your company to help protect the environment, not to mention the PR advantages that an improved, more eco friendly stance can bring.