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With more and more companies these days aiming for a greener image, there are literally thousands of ways to accomplish a more environmentally friendly existence for companies.

One of those is replacing a catalogue or brochure with a duplicated CD. With a traditional catalogue, there is a lot of pollution and other issues that are caused when they are created. This is less of an issue with a CD, simply due to size. A CD is about the same size as half a page of a traditional catalogue and therefore is far less polluting to create and is also easier to dispose of when it is no longer needed. When the CD is no longer needed it can either be wiped and then re-used, or if that is not an option there are plenty of companies that are able to recycle a CD in an environmentally friendly way.

Of course there are multiple other benefits of switching to a CD duplication method of handing out catalogues, for example it is cheaper per unit. Of course, a client will likely prefer to have a CD than a traditional catalogue, as so much of our time now is spent around a computer, it is very easy for us to make use of a CD. A CD will also make your company look like it is more technologically advanced than a company that is still using an outdated technique such as traditional catalogues.

If you are interested in our environmentally friendly CD duplication service then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01425 477445 for more information.