CD Duplication Prices

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CD Duplication prices are now at your fingertips.

Tired of waiting for CD Duplication companies to reply to your quote request? Fed up waiting for new updated CD Prices when your CD duplication quantity changes or your CD Packaging requirements change? Well not to worry…

Disc Factory have a cutting edge online instant DVD and CD quote calculator that allow you to price up your CD Duplication and CD Packaging jobs in a matter of seconds. Not only is the price instant but incredibly competitive too. We believe we are the cheapest UK company for short-run CD Duplication and DVD Duplication.

So how come you are so cheap??? Well all our CD & DVD Duplication is done in-house meaning we are not out-sourcing your project and simply adding margins, so as we control the entire job start to finish you CD and DVD Orders will not only under go stringent quality control checks and a thorough approval process but we are also able to guarantee A-Grade Quality Products at amazing Prices.

Better still, as we do all the DVD Packaging and CD packaging in-house too all your orders can be processed quickly meaning no deadline is too tight!

Still need convincing simply check out our Cheap CD Duplication Prices and DVD Duplication Prices for UK’s fast turnaround, amazing quality and unbeatable prices.

Cheapest CD Duplication & Fastest UK Turnaround Times

CD Duplication Instant Quote

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These days everything seems to be left to the last minute. In a business world where time is money, customer’s need quotes, products and answers almost instantly. That is why we have spent a lot of time and money to insure our instant quote generator gives our customers the clearest and quickest information possible. Unfortunately, in the CD duplication industry, there are an ever-growing number of possibilities with regards to how the product is produced as well as packaged.

At Disc Factory we are constantly looking into alternative methods to each process, helping us improve both speed and quality. We currently have some exciting changes going on behind the scenes, to allow us to make our production line the fastest turnaround possible, and therefore meet the crazy demands of customers these days!

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers, and fully intend to continue to improve quality, reduce turn-around, lower prices and simplify the whole process from the minute you go to our instant quote generator.

Audio CD Duplication Extras

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A core percentage of our market is musicians or bands promoting or selling their music. If you fill this criteria, I recommend you consider a few extra things before moving forward with your cd duplication.

Firstly, many people play cd’s through their pc and/or car stereo. Both of these players are potentially capable of reading cd text from duplicated CDs, allowing artist and track names to appear within the player. Not only does Disc Factory recommend including this information when possible but you may even consider adding ISRC codes during the recording process and then registering your cd with the gracenote as well. This allows users to grab relevant track information from the cd database, for players such as itunes or media player without the need to manually type in track titles and names manually.  Not only do these give a more professional finishing touch, but they allow the end user to retain the track info if ripping the cd to import the songs onto their ipod or mp3 player. Should you wish to add ISRC codes but have already had the CD mastered at a recording studio then disc factory can remaster your CD with this embedded data for you for a small surcharge.

Mastering your tracks is obviously is a very important part of producing the highest quality audio. Understandably, the budget does not always allow for such luxuries, but there is plenty of free software online that helps you master your own tracks.

Also, be aware – mp3’s are a compressed format, this means there is a loss in quality compared to the wav files we would recommend you send us for duplication.

A-Grade CD-Rs. What does this really mean?

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Nowadays, A-grade CD’s seem the norm. In the early days of disc manufacturing, it was reported that many factories purposely mixed A, B, and C grade cd’s together – to ensure the unit prices were kept as low as possible. The top grade discs were usually reserved for industrial use instead of personal home use. These discs were known as medical grade, and were perceived as too expensive for the average user.

However with rapid advances in technology and ever lower production costs, every computer soon came with a CD burner, and CD’s became the most popular format of blank media. It wasn’t before long that we began to learn about disc rot and realised these cheap poor production discs were not lasting long.

The demand for better quality CD discs became much higher, hence now the A-grade discs were kept separate to sell as an A-grade pack. The grades are determined arbitrarily by manufacturers, as long as each CD-r disc has passed the ‘Philips quality requirements’. These requirements involve the discs being optically scanned for defects such as bubbles and black or white spots. After scanning, the least defected discs that pass will receive the manufactures a-grade classification.

Unfortunately this does means that each brands A-grade discs will vary in quality. For this reason, we at Disc Factory compared various brands of A-Grade blank media, to ensure that we found a brand that we can rely on to keep their standards high. As we discovered not all manufacturers A-grade discs are not always seen as A-grade to ourselves or our customers meaning that despite claiming A-Grade shortrun CD Duplication some companies may not be offering the best media to customers.

CD Duplication Packaging

CD Packaging, so what’s right for you?

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A question we often get asked here is what’s better a CD digipak or a CD jewel case?  Are advise is if you have a gut feeling or a personal preference which you would prefer, then go with it. After all there is nothing more important that being happy with the product you have to promote. If you are unsure, then here’s a few things to help make your decision. CD Digipak’s, being custom printed card and utilizing less plastic, are more eco-friendly than Jewel Cases, and provide a more modern feel to overall product presentation. DigiPaks also offer more options to customize their layout and artwork, and in my honest opinion look much more impressive when complemented by good design. In this day and age, packaging is seen as the first impression, and should never be overlooked. another couple of options are the CD Digifile and CD  Digifix offer a cheaper alternative to the CD digipak, while still giving a modern feel with full artwork possibilities. As for the CD jewel case, despite being made from rather brittle plastic and therefore a little too prone to cracking – it does offer more robust protection to the CD inside. Also, many CD rack holders are designed around the standard CD jewel case, so other packs can often look out of place in certain circumstances. One piece of advice when designing a CD digipack would be to utilize the space behind the CD flexitray by opting for a clear plastic tray option, allowing for printed design elements to be put behind it. This does allow for some more interesting CD artwork designs for when the disc is removed from the case.

The more basic CD packaging options that are often used for free promotional CDs, each have there advantages and disadvantages. The clam shell and ejector cases are good for circumstances where the discs may require the tougher protection, but you do not require any extra artwork. They also allow for very fast turnaround on short run CD Duplication as there is no extra CD Packaging and printing to be done other than the CDs themselves.

The cardboard CD sleeve or Custom Printed Card Wallet is perfect for those wanting to show off some extra artwork, to help captivate and entice potential customers whilst also keeping the costs down whereas the budget solution has to be the ‘no frills’ clear plastic wallet or PVC wallet which for just a few pence gives your CDs all the protection they need and in fact does even support basic paper inserts or CD booklets to accompany the CD.

Ultimately, think of the client that will be buying or using the disc, and think what their requirements would be. After all some products need quality artwork and packaging to assist in sales other CDs might just be press packs and basic software installers that warrant nothing more than some basic disc protection and nothing more.

Is Blu-Ray Duplication the future?

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Technology seems to be advancing at an exponential rate, and blu-rays look set to take over from the dvd over the next few years. I think we can all agree that VHS died a death a few years ago (despite a recent VHS & blu-ray combo player recently hitting the shelves!)

VHS were released in the early 1970’s, using a similar format to audio cassette tapes for video and after winning the battle with sony’s Betamax, they were very much a household product right up until 1998, when the DVD was released. The DVD was based on the audio compact disc, which hit the market back in 1982. These CD’s had slowly made the cassette tape obsolete over the past 15 years, and now DVD’s were aiming to do the same to the VHS.

VHS did have its competition before the DVD, including VCD’s and laser discs; however the DVD’s far superior specs made them the obvious choice for those that could afford them. Many continued to purchase the now cheap VHS tapes, until about 2004 – at which point the DVD’s ‘affordability’ had settled down and become a feasible cost-effective option for the whole market.

We have seen CD’s fight off competition from Sony’s mini disc format, and then take a large hit from the introduction of the mp3 format. Still, CD’s look like they are around to stay. This is largely part to the large community of people who like to own physical, ‘tangible’ goods instead of just digital data, be it for simplicity or aesthetic reasons. Also, the ability to actually give a cd to a friend or customer makes them a much better choice for gifts and marketing. After all people still give birthday cards as gifts not just texts and emails!

… So what does all this mean for DVD duplication? Has it met its match with the Blu-ray duplication? Well, just like the explosion of mp3’s there are plenty of video formats that have given rise to purchasing and streaming videos online. Although DVD’s have taken a hit from this, there will always be reasons why people prefer the production of physical goods. Blu-rays are undeniably superior to DVD’s, with one disc being able to hold up to 25 times more data. The extra HD (high definition) quality, 3-D capabilities and improved interactive possibilities means blu-rays are definitely here to stay, and they have already caused DVD prices to drop significantly. The next more recent step has been seeing the actual prices of bluray players and bluray discs come down significantly – making them more acceptable as they become more mainstream.  However, there is one major difference between this fight compared to prior media format battles. Blu-ray players are ‘backwards compatible’, meaning they can play not only Blu-Rays but DVD’s and inmost cases audio CDs too. For this reason many consumers will not simple discard pre-owned DVD’s to make way for Blu-ray replacements. So unless something was shot in HD, you can not exactly advertise that the blu-ray version is better in terms of quality?

So for my 2 cents… My prediction is that over the next 10 years Blu-rays will take over the home entrainment market, and movies will no longer be released on DVD, by which time blu-ray will likely be facing its own new competitor. However, the DVD will remain, as a useable cheap disc format, until discs themselves become obsolete – which will come more from a continued growth in online data storage and streaming  in the non-physical online database often being termed the ‘cloud’.

CD Printing Design Tips

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Your CD label print design is a very important factor in advertising and selling your CD. Just like all artwork, good presentation will no doubt gain greater attention from potential buyers. If possible, it is good to link the content of the CD or DVD with the overall feel of your artwork, giving the viewer an instant idea of what is on the discs. Often, existing artwork looks fine printed onto a circular disc with a hole in the centre, however not always. You can use these unavoidable restrictions to your advantage, many designs use the negative space of a disc within their design. Others often crop logos of the edges of a disc, knowing the user can immediately fill in the missing parts of the design. However, do not put important information too close to these edges, as there is always a printing safe zone. In this case, it is regarded as 1/8” from the edge of the discs, as small alignment errors could cause anything with in this zone to be missed. This zone is represented by a solid pink zone on our templates. We also have a 3mm bleed which overlaps the edges of our templates. This is recommended to avoid unwanted areas of unprinted white space. It can be as simple as a block colour matching your artwork design, which counteracts any alignment errors during printing. To help create the perfect layout, just download the appropriate templates from our CD template page and import them into your design and publishing software.

The most important thing is that you use a high resolution image, avoiding the possibility of pixelated or blocky CD artwork. Try to avoid very small text, as it could result in anti-aliasing issues with the final print. Finally use the CMYK four colour model instead of RGB, to ensure the best possible colour matching.

If you’re still not sure if your design will work, simply contact us for further advice. Disc factory has a talented team of in-house designers who can work with your designs and ideas to create a professional and stylish look for your CD duplication project.

CD DigiPak Duplication

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It’s official! Short-run CD Digipak Duplication reigns supreme!

Our CD DigiPaks have become increasing popular with our customers since Disc Factory started offering this CD Packaging as an option not just for replicated CDs of 500+ units but also our low volume of ’short-run’ CD Duplication service that caters for 1-1000 CDs.

Being a direct replacement to the standard CD Jewel Case the CD DigiPack has found its place primarily, but not exclusively in the music CD market with bands and musicians opting to launch their CD albums in this custom printed card case. CD Digfile Packs (which are similar to the Digipak just with a die-cut slit pocket as opposed to a plastic flexitray) are, whilst still popular are not as common in the music industry.

DVD DigiPaks are also on the up with many clients opting to have a DVD sized digipack over the more traditional plastic amaray style DVD case, so you’ll be please to know that after popular demand this has been added to our short-run packaging choices too.

So whether you want a 4 panel DigiPak or upgrade to a 6 panel digipak, Disc Factory is here to help. If you are after just short-run of under 500 units then check out our online CD DigiPak Duplication Quote Page for instant pricing or if you require more than 500 units then check out our online replication quote page where you can choose from a number of finishing options and different digipak layouts and designs.

CD Duplication Prices

CD Duplication Prices

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Half the battle with CD Duplication Service companies are that every CD Packaging is a different price. So if you have narrowed down your CD packaging choices to say 3 or 4 products but have a limited budget you are going to need 4 separate quotes – even more if you want prices for different quantities. In short finding the right  CD Packaging at the right quantity to suit your budget and price requirements can be half the battle! Well no any more as Disc Factory have made the early stages of CD Duplication as simple as possible for you. With our new fully automated CD Duplication Instant Quote System you can get you price in seconds, alter quantities at the click of a button and alter your CD Packaging choice just as easily – and with numerous packaging options available for our short-run orders you are spoilt for choice.

And It gets better… Once you email you quote you get links to only the specific templates you require eliminating any confusion and making life simple. PDF Artwork Guidelines and tutorials on how to work with our PDF templates are also just a click away. Even sending artwork has never been easier with a secure upload facility for each order.

You’ll wonder how you ever coped with out it! With some of the UK Cheapest CD Duplication prices, widest range of short run CD packaging and unrivalled turnaround times CD Duplication has never been so good!

CD Duplication Instant Quote – Now Online!

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Disc Factory is proud to announce its new fully automatic instant CD and DVD Duplication quote system!

Customers can now get instant CD prices for all of our available CD Duplication and CD Packaging options in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but our prices are even lower than before so you can now enjoy cheap CD Duplication and a great choice of CD Packaging – including CD DigiPacks, CD Digiles and CD Card Wallets without breaking the bank!

… And there’s no minimum quantity. At Disc Factory low volumes are not a problem, we will manufacture any one of our CD or DVD Duplication Packaging for just 1 disc if that’s all you require.

Simply click on our pink chap with his banner on on the right of this page and have a look for yourself. CD Duplication has never been so easy or cheap. In just a few click you get your quote, templates and even a secure upload link to submit your artwork files, in fact we even give you a link to print out an address label so you don’t have to pick up a pen!

If you want to see new packaging introduced to our CD Duplication range then drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.